Des projets variés


Over the last few years we have built more than 200,000 m2 of residential, commercial and industrial space at the highest technical and quality levels.

In addition to our own real estate developments, our client portfolio also includes other real estate developers such as FOCUS and SCI MAYA, and major institutions such as the ACCOR group, USAID, ISD, the French Army, SONATEL, IPRES, MSC, MAERSK etc.

We have collaborated with major international architects such as 3D, Concept A, Igloo, OGER International, Éric Mulot, Canal Archi, Zeyd Ayad, Stéphane Antoni, AARS, Fadel GEURRAOUI, BEAD, Reida Sleiman, A&.C, Marcaluso, as well as renowned design and control offices such as GAUDILLAT, THETA INGENIEURIE, EXCO, BIEP, ETCS, LABOSOL, SENELABO, CEEREQ, VERITAS, ALPAGES, SCAT INTERNATIONAL, APAVE, etc ...

The aim of SERTEM's action is to provide high quality services at the best costs in accordance with the customer's requirements. Professionalism is the key value of all our commitments.