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Created in 1998 by Mr NGOM, a polytechnic engineer in electrical engineering trained in Morocco and Canada, SERTEM mainly worked as a subcontractor of FOUGEROLLE (now EIFFAGE) during its first phase of existence. It initially operated as a provider of electrical works, then later extended its activity into civil engineering. Thanks toits rigor and the quality of its work, SERTEM developed a privileged relationship with the French giant from which the company acquired the skills that meet international standards.


With its development ambitions, SERTEM seized the opportunity to bring its reputation to the forefront with the launch of a real estate development activity in 2005: the development of "SANTALLA", a residence of 25 luxury apartments in Fann Residence, was launched.The project was a huge technical and commercial success, offering a brand new visibility and setting in motion the second phase of the group's history, a period of strong growth illustrated by a doubling of the level of activity between 2005 and 2011, and a multiplication of prestige works and projects in Dakar.

The years 2012 and 2013 were marked by a severe crisis which was manifested by a significant reduction in construction activity. The reasons for this crisis were due, among other things, to the impact of the global economic crisis and the almost complete freeze on private sector investments in Senegal during this period. Despite this difficult context, SERTEM found the resources to get through this period with the unconditional support of its founder and sole shareholder. New real estate developments and expansion towards Mali were launched.


In 2014, the launch of the "RIDWAN MBAO" project and the market for the construction of the AZALAI DAKAR hotel confirmed the resumption of a new period of growth for the group. Indeed, thanks to the affluent and international clientele of its high-end real estate developments, the SERTEM label has now achieved a strong reputation throughout the West African sub-region, enabling the group to forge strategic regional partnerships, and to move towards Mali and IvoryCoast as new growth poles, in addition to Senegal.

2018 marked the group's entry into the public sector with the signing of the Regional Express Train (TER) and “Tour des Mamelles ”contracts by the state under the “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations”,two flagship projects demonstrating the group's interest in becoming involved in large-scale projects, in partnership with major institutions in our countries.
The opportunities that SERTEM is facing today thanks to the reputation it has built up, give reason to hope for sustained growth in the years to come.

We are professionals at the service of urban development whose aim is to imagine and build the living environment of tomorrow's Africa.

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