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1 Jul
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As part of Ridwan Mbao Project Marketing, we are looking for a representative who will sale for Sertem IMMO in the US region.
Ridwan MBAO is a residential development located in the heart of the commune of Mbao which offers "ready-to-live" housing in keeping with a culture of modern housing, in an exceptional natural environment conducive to the development of a life of family, just 15 minutes away from Dakar.


In perfect collaboration with the sales team, the sales representative in the USA will be:

  • Searching customers for SERTEM IMMO into the region
  • Check the solvency and seriousness of solicited Customers;
  • In general, perform all due diligence necessary for the sale of SERTEM IMMO products.

As part of its mission, we are expecting from the sales representative:

  • A commitment to respect the conditions of sale provided by the company SERTEM IMMO;
  • Devote attention, skills and all efforts to the proper execution of its missions;
  • Faithful execution of the assignments according to a framework that he himself defined and submitted to the assent of Sertem Immo;
  • A periodic report by email of the tasks accomplished;
  • Loyalty and prioritization of the interests of SERTEM IMMO.


As compensation for his services, the sales representative will earn a commission fee which amount 2% of the villa’s price

Type of villas Lot size Price in F CFA
Dalia 150 m² 65 000 000 1 300 000
Soraya 225 m² 105 000 000 2 100 000
Soraya 300 m² 125 000 000 2 500 000


The sales representative will receive his commission:

  • within thirty (30) days after effective receipt of the client's payment, for any cash payment,
  • within thirty (30) days after effective receipt of each payment from the customer, in case of payment in installments.
  • after the credit has been obtained by the customer and payment of the sale price to SERTEM IMMO, in case of a credit contract,


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