Friday, August 7, 2020

The environnement day


ECOLIBRI Senegal is a Socio-Environmental association whose ambition is to clean, green up and enhance Dakar City’s social and public places.

To restore the shine of the city’s « green lung », ECOLIBRI’s main objective is to reforest 7 km of land on the west corniche planting 500 units of trees and 7000 agaves on the edge of the cliffs.

By this initiative, SERTEM Groupe decided to plant and sponsor 13 trees (lemon, mango, soursop, badamiers and sunflowers). Beyond the environmental aspect, this action has a social impact as well because SERTEM contribute to the social reintegration of young people employed for the maintenance of these trees.

By this activity, SERTEM Group uphold sustainability as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Politic.

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